Discover The Thrill Flying Your First Drone

Over the years, science and technology have been impacting people’s lives in many ways; and our hobbies have grown more adventuresome and thrilling with the introduction of drones.

I believe you’ll agree with me that drones now play an important role in our lives, whether it’s just for recreational fun, aerial photography projects, construction fields or other industries. It’s making a difference in how we explore the world of possibilities.

But, apart from being a technical tool, it has been one of the fastest growing recreational activities for the family, both children and adults to drive to a park to fly. Drones are some of the most fun you’ll have flying and the cost is low; the machines are very light and fairly resilient.

The drone flying experience is truly one of a kind and is exciting. The controls that look intricate, and the feeling of exploring from the skies is just incredible. They allow us to capture beautiful sceneries and explore difficult-to-reach areas; thus, giving us a completely new perspective to photography.

Another outstanding feature about drones is that they’re portable enough to carry around. They come in foldable varieties making it convenient to carry during your travels.

Drone flying is just the perfect escape when we need to get away from worldly distractions. When flying a drone, we forget all the pressures at work or anything else that bothers in life. We get so involved that we’ll disconnect from the real world for a while and get the much-needed break from all worries.

Essentially, a drone is a flying mechanical device, formally known as unmanned aerial vehicle, (UAVs) that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems, working in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS.

If you’re in the market for a new drone, then here’re some popular choices:

1. The Mavic Mini, to keep down the weight and price, will not shoot 4K videos. But it will shoot 2.7K video which is good enough for most of us, especially considering it manages to do it while weighing just slightly heavier than the typical phone.

2. The Mavic Air is a good bet. You’ll be happy with its features, the hardware and technology as well as its small size.

3. The DJI Mavic Pro is technically superior to the Mavic Air. It delivers the sharpest videos and still photos of any consumer drone, thanks to its gimbal-stabilized Hasselblad camera, which boasts a one-inch CMOS sensor.

Now, some types of drones require registration and are regulated by local and federal guidelines. You can fill out the drone registration application online in less than five (5) minutes. So, although drones can be fun to fly, don’t overlook the safety risks and privacy laws that governs the use of flying drones.

DJI’s newest drone, the Mavic Mini, is the smallest and lightest drone the company has ever made. Although it doesn’t have specific aviation regulations, there may still be city bylaws that apply; and since it’s still a drone (RPAS), you can’t fly in certain National Parks.

Many are asking if drone racing is the next big buzz. These flying machines, controlled by remote, whiz to and fro overhead. Meanwhile, the guys operating them are wearing headsets that stream video from the flying drone’s point of view, thus giving the wearer the impression that they’re sitting in a cockpit. How kooool is that?

Although flying may look easy, not everyone will get off the ground flying their drone effortlessly for the first time, but with instructional guidance and a little practice, you’ll have fun exploring the skies easily.

Experts say, the Mavic Mini is the ultimate portable drone, making it the perfect everyday flycam. In this video, we’ll show you how to perform your first flight with Mavic Mini!

We have a whole exciting collection of drones for you to try, and we are adding new drones so that customers like you can fly high and pursue your dream of reaching the skies. Browse our collection here.

Regulation Notice
The FAA requires all new drone owners to register each drone that is purchased weighing between 0.55lbs to 55lbs. If you meet the criteria to register an unmanned aircraft and fail to register, you may be subject to the civil and/or criminal penalties defined in the U.S. Learn more here

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