Getting Started

Again, welcome to Derebbew Marketplace; and thank you for choosing us to power your online store. This guide will help you set up the important settings of your store.

Guide to Seller Multi-step Setup

When you register an account for the first time in a Marketplace powered by Derebbew Marketplace, you’ll get the opportunity to sell on the marketplace. But first, if you are not already registered, you’ll have to register as a vendor; then you’ll have access to the quick start setup.

After clicking the Register button, you’ll be taken to the store setup page where you have to provide details about your store. You can set how many products will be displayed in your store. Besides that, you can include your address and other relevant information.

In addition, you can define whether you want to display your email address in the store or not. When you are done, click on the Continue button.

The next step helps you to configure your Withdraw options. You can include-

  • PayPal Email
  • Bank Information including account name, account number, bank name, bank address and SWIFT code

After providing all the information, click on the Continue button. It will show you a confirmation message and ask you to go to your store dashboard. You can also return to the marketplace by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Setup.

Vendor Dashboard Overview

Vendor Dashboard gives you an overall summary of your store and activities. From this dashboard, you can easily manage your stores and also get quick insights. Besides that, it will provide suggestions on how to make your store more appealing to your customers.

You can find an overview of your store, page view, orders, earnings, reviews, and products. There is also an announcement section. It displays all the latest notices or announcements from the admin.

Withdrawing Your Earning

As the store owner, you can withdraw earnings through different payment methods in Derebbew Marketplace.

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

Configuring the Payment Method

You’ll need to configure the payment methods in order to withdraw your earnings. To do that, you’ll need to go to Vendor Dashboard–> Settings–> Payment.

You will find the payments method available to you. However, you can also add a payment method by clicking the ” Add Payment Method” button.

To configure a payment method, you the vendor needs to click the Manage button beside the methods,

Then you need to get the email address connected to PayPal, and add the bank name and account number for bank transfer, and hit the Update Settings button to finish.

Total Earning

As the seller, you can view your total earnings from the withdrawal page.

Withdraw Methods

To have access to your funds, you’ll need to select the withdrawal method that you’re comfortable with from the drop-down box on the withdraw page.

Minimum Limit

There’s a minimum limit of the preset account balance for all vendors before a withdrawal request.

Derebbew Marketplace sets a minimum balance before you’re allowed to make a withdrawal request. You will see the limit in the Derebbew Marketplace terms and conditions and will get an email notification.

Withdraw Approve Notification

You’ll get an e-mail notification when your withdraw request gets approved by the admin.

How to Manage Your Store’s Opening & Closing Hours

When you don’t want to keep your shop open for 24 hours, setting the store opening and closing time can be helpful.

With the Derebbew Marketplace, you’re able to set opening and closing times for your online store.

Setting Store Open & Close Times

1. To do this, you must navigate to Vendor Dashboard→ Settings→ Store.

2. Scroll down to find the Store Opening & Closing Time widget.

Select Open or Close from the drop-down for each day of the week.

3. For days when the store is Open, select hours of operation from the numeric fields.

4. You can also change and add different notices for Open and Closed hours.

5. When you’ve finished the configuration, click on Update Settings.


Storefront View

When visitors come to your store, they’ll be able to view these notices on the store banner.

When Store is open:

When Store is closed:

This completes the configuration!


Opening & Closing Hours Shown on Store List

Now, users and vendors can view which store is closed and open in the store list. That way they will know which store to visit and when.

Note: This feature will only show if you enable the setting and also set your store opening and closing hours.

How To Find The Contact Form

Now we’ll show you how to find the registration form on the marketplace.

  • Whenever you log into your dashboard, you’ll be able to view the new menu label in the sidebar.
  • When you click on it, you’ll find the assigned form. Logged-in vendor/owner will have your username and email address auto-populated and hidden since this is selected to be the case by default in the Vendor Contact Form template.

After that, you’ll just need to hit “Submit Query” to send the form.

Products Creation

Creating products as a vendor using Derebbew Marketplace is super easy. After you’ve registered on the marketplace, you can easily create products and customize them from an intuitive dashboard.

Create a product from the Vendor dashboard

To create a product, navigate to your vendor dashboard. And then click on Products from the left menu. After that click on the Add New Products button from the top right corner.

You’ll get a new window where you will be able to create a new product giving all the details only.

Basic Details

The common information about a product is the title, price, description. Discount price is optional. You can even schedule discounts for a certain amount of time. You can enter a starting date and end date to apply automatic discounts to your product.

Select Category

By default, category selection is singular because it is recommended to have only one category assigned to a product. If you need to show your products based on multiple factors, you can use tags.

Create Tags

To create tags, click on Vendor Dashboard> Product> Add New Product. Under the Select Product Tags field, add a tag and press Enter. The word or phrase will be added as a separate tag.

After you have provided all the required information, click on the “Create Product” button. It will create the product and redirect you to the product edit page, where you will be able to add more information about your product.

If you want to create the product and add another one immediately, click on the Create & add new button.

After you have been redirected to the product edit page, there is an option to select a product type. You can select either a Simple or Variable product.

Selecting Product Type – Simple Product

These types of products are simple and have no variants. They are single and standalone products, which does not require any other information to define different variants.

Selecting Product Type – Variable Product

A variable product is a product that has different types of variants; for example, you might want to sell a dress that is available in three (3) different colors and sizes. So, this option will enable you to add the colors and sizes you need. You can add variations based on anything you like, perhaps the material used or the stitching style.

Store Orders

Derebbew Marketplace gives you easy navigation to manage orders. You’ll get a notification when you make a sale, and you’ll be able to list orders, check order status, keep a note, and a lot more.

Here is the quick navigation that you will learn:-

  • Order Notification
  • Listing
  • Status
  • Note
  • General Settings
  • Order details download permission
  • Shipment tracking

Order Notification

You’ll get email notifications for every order of your product. You’ll get a no-reply message from the Derebbew Marketplace system instantly after an order is placed.

Order Listing

The order page displays the order details in the list. This page shows the order number, order total amount, earned amount, order status, customer details, order date, and order action. You could view the order details, manage the order status, and delete the order from the order action.

You can filter the orders by Date. Besides that, you can also export the order list.

Order Status

You’ll also be able to view and process order status from the order listing, and you can complete the order from the action.